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Using website design, social media, photography, video, and graphic design - we use our marketing skills to guarantee you see a positive impact on your restaurant.

Colloco Marketing provides professional marketing services and work with your budget to assist you with increasing your bookings. 

As a restaurant owner, you’re undoubtedly dedicated to the food you serve and your customer experience when they sit down to eat.  While this is critical to your restaurant’s success, of course, your customers regularly look online way before they step foot in your door. With local search, reviews, and menus available in the palm of their hand, most customers choose restaurants with a strong online presence.


Investing in a quality website helps your restaurant to establish a good presence on the internet. From food vans to five-star dining, the Internet has the capacity to make or break a restaurant. Having a website allows you to post your menu, specials, and make updates to your online menu. Good websites keep the regulars coming and invites new customers. 

We can help you create a mailing list to send out specials, new menus and newsletters to keep your customers informed, interested, and most importantly, returning. 


Restaurants rely on returning customers more than any other industry. This is especially true in the quieter seasons when people would prefer to stay home. You can also include a blog - a blog can help to promote your restaurant, especially if you host events. It also gives an idea of your restaurant’s ambiance and improves your Google ranking by keeping your website current.

We can provide you with a website that includes:

A Booking System – Make It Super Easy For Customers To Book A Table At Your Restaurant; 

Online Menus – Where You Can Easily Add Appetizing Specials And Showcase Your Regular Dishes To Tempt And Persuade Your Customers Into Booking; 

A Showcase Gallery – Beautiful Photography To Show Off Your Stunning Décor And Delicious Food And Welcoming Staff.

An Interesting Engaging Blog – Which Increases Your Search Engine Rankings And Promotes Personal Interaction With Customers.

Chat Facility – Allowing You To Interact In Real Time With Potential Customers Visiting Your Site; 

Seamlessly Link Your Social Media With Your Website; 

Provide A Shop – The Opportunity To Sell Your Own Products; 

Promote Offers, Events And Specials – Using The Website, Mail And Social Media; 

Create A Mailing Database – Generate And Build A Database Of Customers And Potential Customers To Communicate To.

Social Media

A customer’s initial impression happens very quickly. When it comes to your social media you can't afford to improvise or be ad hoc with your efforts anymore. Think about this scenario: friends are choosing where to go out dinner and they look at social media in order to choose a restaurant. They look at who’s nearby and it’s your restaurant and your competitor.


Your competitor has an Instagram account featuring their cool and stylish décor, mouth-watering photography, and a list of their delicious specials. If your restaurant doesn’t have social media or has an unexciting presence, who are they going to choose? The answer’s obvious.

Your social media needs to showcase your menu and reflect your restaurant accurately. Low-quality images, uninteresting posts, or worst of all, the lack of a presence altogether will turn potential customers away.

Social media is an affordable marketing strategy for restaurants of all sizes and it’s a powerful way to reach potential customers and promote loyalty with existing customers.

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