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Social Media

save money, creative posts & consistency.

Why use us for your social media campaigns?

When it comes to your social media you can't afford to improvise or be ad hoc with your efforts anymore.

Social Media marketing has the power to skyrocket sales and increase brand awareness. 


Employ Colloco Marketing and we provide your business with a creative, organised and powerful social media marketing plan for your hotel, restaurant or bar, with the objective to raise the profile of your venue and achieve you the results you require.

After we've agreed on your budget, we select a strategy that works for you.


Budget depending we can:

  • Design and agree upon a social media strategy that harmonizes with your business strategy and business brand.

  • Design and schedule engaging posts across your chosen social media platforms.

  • Decide on any budget for advertising and undertake a targeted and monitored advertising campaign.

  • Monitor and report on your social media performance.

  • Engage with your audience - reply and respond to post comments and messages if required.

  • Create original, brand-appropriate engaging posts, link to blog posts and your website content.

  • Conduct a weekly review and brainstorming session.

  • Engage with key influencers in your market.

  • Provide creative briefs for viral material.

  • Reach new potential  customers and guests for your hotel, bar or restaurant.

  • Build loyalty among your venues existing customers and guests.

  • Bring your team together - collaborate on content, discuss report for ideas.

How do we work with you?

We spend time getting to know you and your venue. We listen to you.  Learn what you are doing that's working, what's not. We work hard to get a good understanding of what you want to achieve from your marketing activity on social media.

We agree on a social media marketing strategy, and decide on the outcome required for it to be successful.

We then create original engaging posts – always to brand. We are flexible with your business, constantly monitor the business environment and the activity on your social media and adapt our approach when necessary - always doing more of what works.

Social media is an affordable marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes and a powerful way to reach potential customers and promote loyalty with existing customers.

We can also provide targeted advertisement marketing, where we create custom adverts designed to reach people who are highly likely to buy from your business based on their personality and lifestyle.

Can we help you?

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Colloco Marketing Ltd.

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Speak to us: +443 33 303 4347

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