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Colloco’s Mystery Shopper service for independent hotels, bars or restaurants.

Colloco’s Mystery Shopper service for independent hotels, bars and restaurants.  

Colloco provides an Undercover Expert service, where a seasoned hospitality expert evaluates your entire venue from top to bottom, from the guest’s perspective – online and on-site.  Your entire business gets our attention. 

To enhance the effectiveness of our work and provide you with the comfort of discretion, we operate our service anonymously and our results are completely confidential – between you and us. 

The purpose of our work will be to provide you with a useful, comprehensive report highlighting where your business is doing well, where improvements can be made and where new ideas can be introduced to positively influence your profits and your reputation. 

We hope that after our visit and receiving our results, you’ll be able to add new revenue streams and make useful improvements to your operations.

Each venue is different, and we take into account your unique goals and standards before we conduct our visit.  


You also provide us with a description of how you expect your property and staff to perform, in every way, and list anything, in particular, you wish us to investigate. 

Contact us today to arrange your visit! 

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